Time to get grounded

It's tricky to define what 'being grounded' actually means - yet we all seem to instinctively know.  I see it as being present, being connected to ourselves and the earth to help bring emotional and physical balance.

However you see its meaning, it's difficult to stay grounded when the external situation is challenging. Being ungrounded has been described to me by clients as if they're looking at themselves from afar, like an outer body experience or as if they're not really there, all of which adds to a lack of control over the situation and their mind and body's reaction to it.

Nature can play a huge part in bringing strength and the feeling of being present and in the moment back again; a walk in the woods, breathing in the sea air or, if you are unable to do that simply standing barefoot in the grass and feeling the earth beneath your feet.

Take a few deep breaths and imagine you are planted firmly like a tree with roots running through your body and out from your feet splaying deep into the earth, connecting you to the ground, bringing you back into yourself, grounding you.

I often do this exercise with clients after a treatment and also encourage them to inhale the scent of Vetiver. Known as the oil of tranquillity, it's an oil I use in my Balance Pulse Point and often in my Sleep bath oil blends too as it brings with it a feeling of strength, balance and a sense of peace.

With treatments currently unavailable, self-care and trying different ways to manage your emotional and mental health is vital. Try it now if you can. Find a patch of grass, take your shoes off and stand for a few minutes, take some deep breaths and try the exercise above. And if you have any Vetiver, all the better!

If you'd like to know about other grounding essential oils that you can use, please do contact me and I'll advise on safe and appropriate use too.

Nicky x

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