Since qualifying in the amazing Ayurveda Traditional Face Lift Massage, this is a question I'm being asked almost constantly.

Most people wonder if it's a range of new products I'm now using (proving how effective marketing and advertising really is!) and the answer to that is NO. I use a range of botanical ingredients in the products I treat my clients with, but they are ALL 100% natural and ALL 100% created by me. 

So, what actually IS Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the ancient holistic medical system from India which dates back over 5000 years!  Meaning the 'science of life', this system is based on achieving physical and mental harmony with nature and is widely acknowledged as the mother of medicine, as Ayurvedic principles have influenced the development of other traditional medical systems such as Chinese and Arabic and also therapies such as acupressure, reflexology and acupuncture.

According to Ayurveda, energy should flow uninterrupted through the body's energy channels (nadis) which connect energy points called marma points. External factors such as stress, tension, lack of rest etc mean that energy flow can be blocked in marma points, resulting in physical, mental or emotional symptoms.

These ancient people knew a thing or two and like all holistic therapies Ayurveda looks at the root cause rather than simply treating the symptoms, believing that illness is caused by imbalances in a person physical, mental or emotional constitution and use Ayurvedic principles to gently bring the body back into healthy balance. 

Ayurveda Face Lift Massage

It is believed that blockages can also show up in signs of early ageing, which is taken very seriously as the face and neck region is hugely important in Ayurveda - out of the 108 marma points in the body, 37 can be found in the head, neck and face region alone. 

One of the aims of the Ayurveda Face Lift Massage is to keep these points and channels open so that there is a free and interrupted flow of energy to ensure healthy, glowing and younger looking skin.

It is a deeply relaxing and effective treatment (as you can see from the quotes below and is already a firm favourite with my clients) where the face, neck, shoulders, scalp and marma points are massaged in a specific way to detoxify, nourish and heal these precious energy centres.

The benefits to this treatment are many and include:

*       Improves muscle tone

*       Aids the skins natural ability to retain moisture

*       Gives skin a smooth texture and appearance

*       Deeply relaxes the body and mind

*       Relaxes the facial muscles

*       Stimulates circulation and lymph flow

*       Promotes cell regeneration for healthy younger looking skin

*       Gives skin a healthy glow

I'm so thrilled that clients are loving this treatment already - here are a few comments that have been made over the last week.

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